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What Are The 3 Methods Of Pest Control

Pest Control

Having a pest control issue can be a major problem. Insects can ruin plant life and small creatures like rodents can create harmful living environments for human activities. Finding the right method of pest control can allow your house to remain free of pest infestations.

Pest control is not easy, and there are many various methods of pest control. From chemical pesticides to a more natural method like introducing a natural predator to the area, with the right pest control expert, you can find the perfect method for you.

Here are the 3 main types of pest control.

3 Methods To Control Pests

There are many different types but here are the three main 3 main methods of pest control. If your company or property is suffering from a pest problem, then experts will use one of these three methods:

Physical Pest Control

Physical methods make use of traps and bait stations to capture animals. These are often lethal methods although some traps can be used to release the pest back into the wildlife.

Farmers often use heat treatment and fire to deal with a particular area of insects to protect crops and plants, which is another viable form of physical control.

Physical pest control methods are normally the easiest to carry out and the cheapest.

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is slightly different from the other control methods. Here it is about making the environment unpleasant for the pest.

For example, having natural predators as pets such as cats can help reduce the chance of mice or rats. Controlling the garden area with preventatives can help to reduce the likelihood of other pests.

Biological pest control is hard to do and doesn’t always work, but if done correctly it can proactively prevent pests from ever being a problem. Farmers can grow extra crops that encourage natural predators to flock to the fields.

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Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control methods are a staple of farming and other industries because they are effective and quick. Chemical methods use pesticides and other chemical sprays to kill unwanted pests and to make the environment uninhabitable for pests.

A pesticide must be handled by a professional as the chemicals can be harmful if used incorrectly.

Other Forms Of Control

These are the three main methods, but not all of them. There is one more that is often used and is worth mentioning.

Cultural Pest Control

Cultural control is a method used by farmers to avoid pests. This is where the environment is changed or worked around to avoid the pest without having to confront it. Farmers will often plant their crops at certain times where the pest is less of a problem. Insects and rodents are more active at certain times of the year, so a clever schedule can help eliminate the risk.

Domestic Pest Control services

Pest Control Methods Types

Pest control fits into three main categories, depending on how you wish to deal with the pest depends on one of these approaches.

Pest Extermination

Pest extermination is one of the more traditional methods where the pest is killed. This pest control method is often the most common due to it taking less time and resources than the other 2 methods we will mention. These methods are generally fast acting

Pest infestations are often dealt with in this method through poisoned bait for animals such as rodents or lethal traps.

Generally, fast-acting, these methods deal with the target pest quickly and are relatively pain-free.

An insect infestation is often dealt with by chemical products such as spraying the environment. Farmers often use methods like this for protecting crops, this is due to the fact that insect eggs can remain unseen by the average looker. As a result, chemicals allow you to kill insects in a controlled area regardless of how well you see them.

Specialists can use controlled chemicals that are environmentally friendly and safe for humans, after all, a lot of them get sprayed on our food to keep natural products safe from other insects.

Pest Removal

Pest removal is an option where the pests are captured and released somewhere else. This is a less popular option as it takes a longer time and more resources to complete; however, the animals are not harmed during the process.

This process of controlling pests is most common for rodents and similar types of animals. Once they are removed methods can be taken to make the environment unwelcoming as to prevent pest populations from returning.

Pest control companies can survey your home to find the best solution to stop further pests from entering your house or land.

Pest Prevention

Pest prevention is a proactive method that helps you to avoid pests before you have them. Typically, a good pest control company will use prevention methods after clearing your property of pests. However, you can take many steps to help with prevention.

Makes sure any small holes or cracks in your home are filled. Insect pests or small animals can take advantage of any opening, so make sure your house is sealed properly to avoid common pests.

Another common example used by people is having a pet. A household cat is a natural enemy to rodents. Having natural enemies on your property makes the environment unsuitable for pests, This is one of the best natural methods of pest prevention.

Pest Control Issues

The obvious issue with pest control is safety. No matter what method you use, you need to make sure you are safe. Insects can be dangerous, chemicals and traps can be dangerous. It is always best to speak with a specialist such as AMS Pest Control before engaging with pest control issues.

Specialists can deal with an infestation safely, quickly, and efficiently. Contact an expert immediately if you believe you have a pest control issue. Our team at AMS Pest Control is happy to help.

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Pests can create problems for your house and your health. Dealing with them, regardless of the chosen method, is essential. Infestations, if left alone, can become a huge problem. With the right method for the job and the right person for the job, this can become less of an issue.

If you need pest control, then speak to an expert like our team at AMS Pest Control Coventry. We can help you to eradicate the problem and keep your business or property pest-free.

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