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How Much Does Pest Control Cost?


At AMS Pest Control we look to offer our customers peace of mind when we take on a job, offering support, advice on the pest infestation and the options to carry out the most effective pest control treatment.

Our Coventry pest control services include commercial pest control, domestic pest control including rodent control, mice control, bed bug treatments, wasp nest removal, flea removal, cockroach infestation treatments, cluster fly infestation treatments, ant control, squirrel control and many more.

There is a different between pest management and public health pest control, pest management is often effective in situations where long term ecological balance is required so preventative measures are put in place to maintain a good harmony and discourage any pest from getting out of control. Whereas public health pest control usually requires immediate treatment as there is a risk to public health if left untreated such as mice infestations in a house or wasp nest in communal area of a children’s home.

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Pest Control Cost Guide

Whilst it is important to know how much professional help to remove pests is going to cost it is good to know you are getting value for your money. Generally speaking getting a good service for the price you pay is more cost effective than getting a cheap price but inadequate service.

We all have a list of things that we would rather spend our money on but when it comes to pest control living with an infestation can have impacts your mental health and well-being, it can cost you further in damage to your property and sometimes if a problem is out of control it can cost more to rectify.

Pest control prices can be affected by external factors beyond a company’s control such as the cost of proofing materials, chemicals and rodenticide and even fuel costs to visit your property.

It is worth finding out if multiple visits are included in the cost of treatment and how visits are structured. Can a visit be carried out during daytime hours or if you need an evening or weekend appointment if there is additional cost for this.

In this blog we cover the different aspects and factors of pest control prices

A general guide to how much pest control can cost, hourly rates, the factors affecting costs such as location of the pest, the type of pest, scale of the problem etc.

It’s not easy to give an exact breakdown of every eventuality as we are dealing with the natural environment and often the cause of each infestation can change from property to property. Rodents can live in almost any environment whereas certain insects require specific criteria are met in order to thrive.

How much does pest control cost?

As with anything you will find variation in pest control cost, but it is worth understanding the service you are receiving and not just the overall pest control costs.

The cost of a treatment can be anything from £60 – several thousand depending on the species and work entailed to carry out the pest control job.

How Much Are Pest control hourly rates?

Most pest control professionals will quote you for the job rather than an hourly rate. This can be reassuring for the homeowner to know how much a job will cost rather than an hourly rate with no definitive end timescale.

However for something like proofing you may be given a cost of materials plus an hourly rate to fit.

Pest Control Professionals

Factors that can affect pest control costs

Depending on the type of pest control treatment you need the cost will vary, a rodent infestation will be different to a bed bug treatment.

The individual circumstances of a situation can affect the cost, for example if proofing materials are required this will be additional cost, if there are restrictions in carrying out treatment such as no rodenticide due to sensitivity in the area, or the treatment needing to be carried out during out of hours.


Where the pests are may well affect the cost, for example some chemicals are only allowed to be used in certain areas and where they are most effective. High traffic areas of commercial pest control will require heavy duty rodent boxes whereas at home in a loft a tray might be more suitable.

Type of pest problem

Whether we are dealing with a commercial pest control problem or domestic the type of pest can affect the cost.


The scale of the problem can sometimes be a factor in cost, a small infestation is usually easier to manage and a reason why a pest control specialist would recommend carrying out control sooner rather than later.


We offer the most suitable treatment based on the survey we carry out at the beginning of any job so that the price we give is relevant to the work that will be carried out.

When dealing with any pest infestation it is important to understand the reason for the problem in the first place before using chemical treatments.


The size of the property is usually relevant when dealing with an insect infestation however something like the height of a building could affect the cost of a wasp nest treatment due to access.

Types of pests FOR PEST CONTROL

Most types of pest can be managed and treatment will vary depending on what is most suitable.


Fleas are commonly associated with pets, although don’t discount a flea infestation just because you don’t have a furry friend. They are often seen characteristically jumping and can breed quickly in the right environment.

Flea removal is carried out using a chemical spray treatment of the affected area, the cost will depend on the scale of the infestation, for example a treatment of a 2 bedroom flat would be different to the treatment cost of a 5 bedroom detached house as the amount of work and chemical required would vary.


Bed bugs are usually found as the name suggests on bed frames, mattresses and bedding.

As with most insect infestations bedbugs are treated using a chemical spray. However there is a significant amount of work involved in order to eradicate bed bugs, they are notoriously stubborn pests to control.



A queen wasp usually nests somewhere warm and well protected from the elements, however have been know to nest in the most unlikely of places!

Wasp nest removal treatments are usually a relatively quick and effective treatment, issues usually arise if the nest has been allowed to remain active during the height of the summer and can contain several thousand wasps, or if access to the nest is difficult.

Carrying out control of bees is not something that we recommend and is often not necessary.

Rodent Control


Rats and mice are known to be extremely successful in their nature, adapting to almost any environment but preferring to live alongside man. This means they reap the benefits of our heating in the cold winter months, scavenging our food waste from bins or perhaps straight from the cupboard itself.

Grey Squirrels are tenacious in their behaviour, they can cause significant damage to roofing and building structure in order to gain access to a property but even more so if they become trapped inside.

Rodent control is one of the most common pests we carry out control for, rats mice and squirrels usually using either traps or rodenticide.


There are a vast variety of species of insect in the UK and all insects and flies tend to be present for varying reasons. Harlequin ladybirds and cluster flies habitat is very different to that of a bluebottle.

Insect control can vary and determining the correct species is the only way to ensure an effective treatment is carried out.


Often we think of a cockroach being able to survive a nuclear explosion and the stuff of Hollywood films but we have several species of cockroach in the UK and they are usually present in search of food and warmth.

Cockroaches are generally treated using a cockroach gel bait but sometimes require a residual chemical spray in severe cases.

What’s Involved in Professional Pest Control?

Every professional pest controller will have their own approach to dealing with pests. At AMS Pest Control we are British Pest Control Association qualified and Royal Society for Public Health qualified and carry out all of our treatments in accordance to their recommendations alongside the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.

Although we are a small local pest control company we are proud of our qualifications and ability to deliver a quality service to our customers.

Inspection and Examinations

We always carry out an initial inspection survey before carrying out any work. It is important to know exactly what pest we are dealing with, the best course of action, any factors affecting treatment and reasons behind the infestation in the first place.

We can also offer a pest inspection or identification as a standalone service, for anyone who has a pest but is unsure of what it is or whether it requires treatment.

As part of any inspection a risk assessment will be carried out to ensure best practice for everyone involved.

Choosing the Method

Often the factors surrounding an infestation mean that the method of treatment is determined and not usually an option but in certain cases we can offer alternatives if required however there may be additional costs for these alternative pest control solutions.

For example the treatment of rodents outside in a chicken coop may need to be dealt with differently to the treatment of rodents in a kitchen coming from the drainage system.

When it comes to insect infestation treatments there can be a choice of chemical but not always the method in which we carry out control. There will just be an approach that is required due to the nature of the insect. For example ants require treatment using ant bait stations as their nests are often underground or inside a wall with not access so we need the ants to take the treatment to the nest.


Once we have carried out our inspection and discussed the options with you we will then carry out the pest control treatment. This will usually be carried out on the same day as the survey unless special precautions or measures need to be put in place first.

For example with a chemical spray treatment you will need to be out of the property whilst the spray dries and this can be up to 6 hours, however with an exterior rodent treatment we carry the necessary equipment to set up in the vehicles.


For every pest control service there is a range of pest control methods we can use to suit the situation.


Traps are usually used for squirrels, rats and mice. They are professional use only traps and are quite different from diy pest control traps which allow for a more effective and humane approach to control.


Fumigation is usually used when dealing with an infestation of insects such as cluster flies in a loft space. ULV fogging is a newer and much safer technique than traditional smoke bombs and something that is an essential part of our range of pest control products.

Habitat Removal

Habitat removal is generally most effective when we are talking about pest prevention. If you have a lot of overgrown shrubs next to the house or climbing plants that extend to up and onto the roof this can provide harbourage and also allow access to your property for a range of pests.

So it is a good idea to manage this in order to prevent an infestation before it starts but without damaging natural habitat for other animals.

Biological Control

If preventative and environmental changes are not successful or haven’t been carried out then chemical treatment, biological control or pest control services may be the required approach.

WHAT ARE THE Benefits of Pest Control?

Aside from determining the cost of pest control it is important to determine the benefits of pest control treatments in any given circumstance.


Long term infestations or the stress of sleepless nights from a rodent infestation can affect you in many ways there is the risk of illness from rodents that carry diseases, mental health affects of worrying about the damage or associated issues of a pest problem.


A pest control specialist is likely to know the safest way to carry out the treatment, with your safety, their own safety and the safety of the public around in mind. For example, a wasp nest treatment may sound simple but without the necessary PPE in place a few wasp stings at height can result in a nasty accident.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that the company you have hired to carry out treatment and controlling pests is equipped to do so safely and effectively can be reassuring.

Knowing that all your questions and concerns have been answered and that the problem is being taken care of is often worth the cost of hiring a pest control professional.


Some of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to pest control treatments.

Why do I need pest control?

If you have a pest control problem then hiring a pest control company is usually the most effective way to handle the situation. It means that you are getting pest control experts to resolve the situation in a way that is economical, to the best practice for the welfare of the animal and the environment, and also you are not risking your own health and safety.

What happens during a pest survey

When a pest controller visits your property to carry out a survey we will ask you what you have seen or heard and to show us any activity you have found, we will then carry out our own investigation to determine what the pest is, how it may have accessed the property, reason for its presence and the best course of treatment.

Surveys usually take between half an hour to an hour but are equally important for a domestic wasp nest as they are for a commercial farm contract.

Who is responsible for pest control in a rental property?

An area of much debate, and sometimes a grey area between tenant and landlord.

It is best to check your rental agreement and/or take advice from Citizens Advice.

How many babies do rodents have?

Mice usually have litters of between 5-7 turns can have up to 12! They can also have between 5 – 10 litters a year so it’s no wonder an infestation can grow so quickly.

How Do I Find and Hire a Pest Control Company?

We recommend looking at reviews when searching for any tradesperson. We are members of Checkatrade who strongly vet all their companies, we also strongly encourage feedback on our Google pages too. We are very proud of the reputation we have and love nothing more than a recommendation from someone you know.

Local pest control is a good place to start, searching for a company nearby with a good reputation can be mutually beneficial to both client and company.

What Time of Year Is Best for Pest Control?

As pests all have their own lifecycles the most appropriate time to carry out treatment can depend but usually when you notice a problem is when the pest is active and therefore a good time to carry out removing pests.

How Long Do Pest Control Treatments Usually Last?

A how long is a piece of string question! If the environmental factors that have lead to the infestation in the first place are managed then you are no more likely to get a pest problem again than anyone else however if recommendations are made and they are not carried out a infestation can reoccur.

Is it worth getting professional pest control?

Absolutely! It is however worth doing your research and speaking to a few different companies to find one you are happy with as pest control companies come in all different shapes and sizes. Professional help is always at a cost but is often worth while when you need to control pests.

How long does it take to see results after pest control?

This will vary, a rodent treatment can be a 6 week period or longer depending on the level of activity, but an insect infestation can be a single visit.

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