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Sometimes customers know exactly what pests they have and how they are accessing the property. But more often than not people have just heard noises, seen evidence of something, or perhaps been bitten but don’t know what it is. It’s our job when you phone up to try and gather the necessary information to make an identification, we always carry out a survey to ensure that we know what pest we are dealing with as the course of action can vary even from rats to mice. It can be the case that a customer has presented with bites but they may have been bitten days or weeks before. It is important to identify the pest as we cannot treat what we can’t find evidence of.

Once we have established the pest we can carry out the treatment. For rodents treatment would be a baiting plan, we would set up boxes or trays containing rodenticide at the target locations based on the survey. We would then revisit at arranged appointments to monitor bait take and activity levels. Control for rodents can vary hugely depending on the scale of infestation, sometimes what might seem like just one or two can be a much bigger problem. Following a rodent treatment, the cleanup can be just as important, droppings and urine-soaked insulation should be disinfected and removed where possible, this is a service we offer.

For insect treatments such as bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas we would use residual chemical sprays, the exact process varies from species to species. The spray is a wet spray that you would need to vacate the area whilst we carry out treatment however once dry usually about 6 hours you can return. Multiple treatments are required for most insect pests, with bed bugs requiring a much more involved treatment due to their habit of hiding in cracks and crevices. 

Wasp nest treatments are carried out using a chemical powder that is applied to the nest. When we treat a wasp nest it is advisable for customers to remain indoors as wasps can become agitated by the process, our technician wears a full string proof suit. 

Moles are notorious for digging tunnels and leaving molehills in people’s manicured lawns however with heavy activity the ground can become unstable and the risk of tripping or falling is present. Though mostly solitary animals it is not uncommon to remove multiple moles from a single site so it’s important to have the training to catch them. There are a lot of wives’ tales surrounding moles and always enjoy hearing what our customers have tried before they call us in.

We also offer bird proofing services, older buildings can struggle in particular with open eaves and nooks that birds can access. Bird guano is highly toxic and it is important that it is sprayed before being removed.

We know it can be tempting with so many home DIY pest control products on the market but it is often safer and cheaper in the long run to contact a professional pest control company.

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