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Providing the highest quality bed bug control at the most affordable prices makes us a leader in the pest control industry across the West Midlands.

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AMS offer treatment services for all types of insects. Most insects can either bite or sting humans and animals causing severe discomfort. An insect infestation will only become worse if left untreated. We not only aim to remove the infestation but we will also advise you of how the infestation came about and what you can do in the future to prevent any further problems.

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Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that feed on mammal blood. They can be found in crevices in beds, furniture, wallpaper, skirting boards etc, emerging at night to feed. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to control and a thorough treatment plan from a professional pest controller is the only solution. At AMS we are LANTRA qualified in Professional Bed Bug Control In Kenilworth, giving us the knowledge needed to successfully rid customers of this unpleasant pest.



The most common type of ant found in the uk is the Common Black Ant, or Garden Ant. The importance of ants as public health pests is where they invade buildings and homes. Attracted by sweet substances they often find their way into food preparation areas. The issue with this is that they may have walked on some very undesirable surfaces in order to get there, thus transferring germs and disease to our kitchens.


The mission of AMS Pest Control is to protect your residential and commercial properties from pests. Speak to our team today.


Wasp nest treatments, including the use of a telescopic duster delivering treatment directly into the nest, activity usually cease in 24-48 hours.


If you think you might have a rat problem it is important to sort it out, speak to our team today.


All adult Fleas are wingless parasites, feeding on warm blooded animals and birds. They vary in colour from grey to dark mahogany. The pupa may remain inactive for many months, only responding to mechanical vibration of a potential host. This can mean that long term unoccupied houses may still harbour fleas, which will be activated by someone entering the premises.

Fleas feed prolifically from their host, and depending on which species they are, bites will be found around the abdomen and waist, down to ankles and feet. Treatment of flea infestations needs to be thorough and systematic. Host animals must be treated with veterinary products only, whilst floors, carpets and other areas must be treated with professional insecticide. Speak to us for advise about treatments and how is best to remove any infestations, and prevent these problems returning.


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A pest problem is never a welcome surprise, but we aim to provide a professional, cost-effective solution when they arise. We are confident in our service and pride ourselves on building a respected reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Bed Bugs & Crawling Insects

There are many other crawling insects which may invade your home. Carpet beetles can ruin natural soft furnishings, bird mites can cause bites and skin irritation, flour beetles can contaminate food. We deal with all of these and many more. Please call us for more information.
In short, no. Infestations rarely go away on there own and usually just get worse. In fact, in some cases of human fleas, hosts can become desensitised and not realise that a major infestation exists in their own home!
Treatment varies depending on the insect and the type of property or the level of infestation. It’s best to call us and have a chat about your requirements.
This varies depending on the circumstances, but once we have given you a quote, this will not change and we guarantee to get rid of the problem for that price. If you’re in need of Bed Bug Treatment, AMS operates across the West Midlands areas such as WarwickCoventryBalsall Common and Stratford Upon Avon.
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