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Pest Control In Schools

Pest Control in schools

A pest problem in a school environment can be a concern for the school, and people who work and learn there. Pests may cause damage to buildings and also the health of people in the environment. AMS Pest Control Coventry can be flexible in our working hours and can arrange inspections and treatments out of school hours where required. We offer contract rates for schools so that those taking advantage of our Integrated Pest Management Programme will receive a discount compared to a reactive approach, making budgeting easier.

Common pests found in schools include

  • Ants, are attracted to food sources commonly not disposed of properly.
  • Bees and Wasps and nests can be found in and around buildings but can be very problematic around young children, or in confined spaces such as classrooms.
  • Midges are often an issue in early summer but with the increasing wet weather, this pest is becoming prolific.
  • Cockroaches are often found in food preparation areas; they are known to increase in population rapidly.
  • Flies, an infestation in a classroom or a storage void can cause many issues and lead to health risks.
  • Rodents, very common in urban areas, rodents (rats, mice and squirrels) can all be found in close proximity to buildings where there are food and water sources available.

Common areas for pests

  • Cafe and kitchens, food and water sources attract pests, while appliances and cupboards provide safe harbourage.
  • Classrooms, untidy areas such as equipment storage and books can offer safe harbourage and breeding for pests.
  • Lockers, clutter and food can provide ideal habitat for many pests to breed and a valuable food source.
  • Changing rooms, if kept warm and poorly ventilated provide ideal breeding conditions.
  • Bins, an abundant food source readily available for pests.
  • Guttering and ventilation points, provide easy access to buildings and allow passageways for pests to travel around the area.
  • Play areas and Sports fields, neglected and overgrown hedges and shrubs can provide safe harbourage for many pests

AMS Pest Control and our Integrated Pest Management Approach

We encourage an ongoing monitoring programme for school environments as this can help improve many factors such as, reducing the use of pesticides and removing the conditions that are encouraging pests’ presence in the first place.

  • Minimise the risk
  • Disruption includes rooms closed, health inspections of the kitchen area
  • Reduce risk to non-target species by surveying and monitoring area to select appropriate methods and treatment.
  • Proofing recommendations can be spotted readily to prevent infestation or reoccurrence.
  • Cost-effective as pests are monitored before they get out of hand.
  • Limit damage, by tackling the problem early the risk of pest damage will be decreased.

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