Winter Pest Control

With the weather being colder, winter time means we get a restbite from bothersome insects such as wasps, ants and house flies. They are mostly dormant at this time of year. With outside temperature dropping however, it does mean that our warm, dry homes make a tempting prospect for other pests. Rats and mice, avoiding the cold, or perhaps burrows being flooded by the recent rain, make homes in our lofts, garages or roof voids. Scratching in the night, a couple of droppings around the house, or even some food going missing can all be indications of an unwanted guest!

Another unexpected result of our homes being so warm and cosy, can be that some insects just do not realise that it is winter! Our central heating means that Fleas for example, will happily continue to bother us throughout the winter. The comfortable temperatures allowing them to happily reproduce throughout the year. The same can be said for cockroaches, clothes moths, spiders and bed bugs. Our own creature comforts also provide comfort for for some of the less desirable creatures which make their way into our homes at this time of year.

At AMS Pest Control we are experienced and qualified to identify the issue, and have a solution no matter what your pest control problem. Please give us a call and we will be happy to help.