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Any house can become host to unwanted pests, new, old, listed, large, small, even a boathouse. Here are some common property features and their associated pests.
  • chimneys, uncapped or with entry points can be susceptible to detritus feeders and scavengers, pigeons and other birds, and insect nests such as bees and wasps.
  • lofts and roof spaces, provide undisturbed harbourage for mice, rats, squirrels and birds.
  • slipped roof tiles, can be access points for rodents and birds.
  • windows and doors with gaps of any size, allow access to cluster flies, harlequin ladybirds, woodlice and ants.
  • open water tanks offer a water source for rats and mice.
  • damp structural wood and wood furniture, wood borders and also mould.
  • Wool carpets and wool rugs, are loved by carpet beetles.
  • voids under floorboards can be occupied by clothes and house moths, carpet beetles, detritus feeders and scavengers, mice and rats.
  • damp plaster and wallpaper, offer habitat for fungus and plaster beetles, and silverfish.
  • leaking downpipe or blocked guttering, can encourage damp loving pests like fungus and plaster beetles and silverfish.
  • vegetation growing against the wall attracts rodents and birds.
  • Stored food attracts many pests including flour beetles, rodents and ants.
  • bins, waste, and food scraps, provide an opportune food source for flies, birds and rodents.
  • Basements and cellars can be host to damp loving insects, rats, mice, cockroaches and woodlice.
  • sheds are often occupied by rats and mice
  • chicken coops often attract rats, mice and poultry mites.
  • Compost bins are a good food source and harborage for rats and mice.

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