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Spring Pest Control

Rats are breeding well this spring due to the mild weather we have been having, an increase in population meaning problems can quickly get out of hand.
With the current situation, excess rubbish piling up and surplus food being stored are contributing to further population growth for rodents. 

Here are a couple of reasons why it is so important to treat a rodent problem.

  • Disease, rats can carry and transmit many diseases that affect humans. This is usually through urine or animal contact with food preparation.
  • Property Damage, rats are not too fussy about what they choose to gnaw on meaning the structure of your house, shed and garage can often fall victim to their need to constantly grind down their teeth.
  • Commercial pest control, companies have a legal requirement to keep their premises rodent-free, combine this with the reputation damage that can be caused by the nature of social media reviews for a rodent problem can come at a high price to any company.
Bugs will start waking up now too, meaning bed bugs and fleas will become active.
These small insects are often difficult to see but are often noticed by the evidence or symptoms they cause.
A common sign of bed bugs is small dark spots found on the bed frame or bed linen. A common initial symptom of fleas is your pet itching or biting themselves constantly.
It is important to correctly identify these insects before carrying out a treatment. It is also important to be vigilant if you notice any signs of insect infestations beginning as often these issues won’t go away on their own, we offer a wide range of treatment options to tackle the problem.

Pest identification – not sure if it is wasps or bees?

We offer a nest identification service. Bee populations are under great threat in the current environmental climate and it is the duty of all of us to protect them. Be aware of people who are willing to treat bee’s nests unnecessarily, we always try to preserve bees wherever possible.

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