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Signs That You Have A Rat Problem

Signs you have rats

Operating our pest control service throughout Coventry and the surrounding areas we have customers in both rural and urban areas. One thing that we often hear is that despite other evidence, the customer is not sure if they have rats because they have never actually seen one.

Rodents are very shy and are mainly nocturnal so the chances of you seeing one are quite slim.

Below are some common signs that you may have a rodent problem.
If you see any of these signs or if you just want peace of mind then call AMS Pest Control services for advice.

5 signs that you have a rat problem

  • Noise
  • Droppings
  • Gnawed pipes, wires and rafters
  • Holes next to structures or patios
  • Food going missing


If you hear scurrying, scratching or gnawing in your loft or cavity walls then this is a sure sign that you have a rodent problem. If you are hearing these noises during the night then the issue is rats or mice. If the noises are mainly during the the day then you probably have a squirrel problem. Call us for more information on how to deal with squirrels in your property or have a look at the information on our website.


Rat droppings are about the size of a grain of rice and are often found together in one area. Check your loft and the back of your cupboards for evidence. If you don’t want to venture into the loft yourself then we will be happy to carry out a survey on your property to identify any issues.


All rodents have the constant need to gnaw. Unfortunately for us, once they are in our houses, this means that it is our pipes, wires and rafters that get chewed! This is not just annoying and potentially costly but can also be dangerous.

Burrow Holes

If you see holes in the soil next to sheds, patios and decking then this is a sure sign that you have uninvited guests. As the weather gets colder, your warm house becomes a much more inviting prospect than spending the winter under the shed! AMS Pest Control can rid you of your rodents before they have chance to venture indoors.

Food going missing

We often have customers who were sure they had left something such as a loaf of bread on the worktop when they went to bed, but this morning it is nowhere to be seen! Rodents generally operate at night, food and dried goods being eaten is very common. It can often happen at the back of the cupboard where that packet of rice you had forgotten about is being munched away!

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