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Autumn seasons

With summer drawing to a close, we are getting towards the end of the wasp season and most insects are soon to be on the decline until springtime.

Autumn brings its own pest control issues though. We must now turn our attention to squirrels, spiders, rats and mice. Autumn also sees a flurry of activity from cluster flies as they enter houses and buildings for hibernation. With central heated homes, we must also still be vigilant about bedbugs and cockroaches too!


Often found in our lofts and attics at this time of year, chewing rafters, cables and pipes! Don’t block the entry and exit holes, this will increase the damage as they are very territorial and can be very tenacious. Call AMS Pest Control to rid you of your squirrel problem.


In autumn spiders make their way inside to breed in the warmth and shelter of our homes. Not good news for those of us who are not keen on our 8 legged guests!

Call us for advise on how to prevent spiders getting into your home and how to treat spiders and their eggs in your house.

Rats and Mice

As the weather turns colder then rodents increasingly find their way into houses and business. It is now time to review how rodent proof our houses are and what we can do to keep them out. If you would like some help in making sure you are doing all you can to stop these destructive and disease-carrying rodents then give us a call.

AMS Pest Control not only offer a guaranteed rat and mouse treatment service for Coventry and the surrounding areas, but we also offer rodent and pest proofing services, no matter if you are a commercial or domestic customer.

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