Pest Control Rodent Myths

There are plenty of myths and old wives tales surrounding pest control, we thought we would explore the most common five we hear at AMS Pest Control and the truths behind them.

We live near fields, that’s where the rats are coming from.
Unfortunately, rats are more likely inhabiting the sewer system around your property they prefer to live alongside people as we provide all the necessary requirements for a thriving population of rats.

Mice love cheese.
Often depicted in cartoons we associate mice with cheese. However, mice prefer more sugary foods such as peanut butter.

Having a cat will keep my house free of pests.
Domestic cats usually only hunt for fun, they might catch a mouse or small garden bird occasionally, but they will not take on a rodent infestation of significant numbers or an insect problem.Mice and rats will occupy mostly inaccessible areas of the home, using the cavities between floors and walls to move around so cats are unlikely to be able to reach them.

Shop bought ultrasonic deterrents will scare away the rodents.
An ultrasonic deterrent may work initially but once the pests get comfortable with the sound they will come back. It is best to have a professional treatment to avoid having a long term issue.

DIY poison is cheaper and will work if I just use a bit more.
Domestically available rodenticide is too weak in chemical concentrate to be effective control of a rodent problem. Trapping will catch a few however they often breed far quicker than you will be able to trap them.