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Autumn Pest Control

With summer drawing to a close, we are getting towards the end of the wasp season and most insects are soon to be on the decline until springtime.

Autumn brings its own pest control issues though. We must now turn our attention to squirrels, spiders, rats and mice. Autumn also sees a flurry of activity from cluster flies as they enter houses and buildings for hibernation. With central heated homes, we must also still be vigilant about bedbugs and cockroaches too!


Often found in our lofts and attics at this time of year, chewing rafters, cables and pipes! Don’t block the entry and exit holes, this will increase the damage as they are very territorial and can be very tenacious. Call AMS Pest Control to rid you of your squirrel problem.


In autumn spiders make their way inside to breed in the warmth and shelter of our homes. Not good news for those of us who are not keen on our 8 legged guests!

Call us for advise on how to prevent spiders getting into your home and how to treat spiders and their eggs in your house.

Rats and Mice

As the weather turns colder then rodents increasingly find their way into houses and business. It is now time to review how rodent proof our houses are and what we can do to keep them out. If you would like some help in making sure you are doing all you can to stop these destructive and disease carrying rodents then give us a call.

AMS Pest Control not only offer a guaranteed rat and mouse treatment service for Coventry and the surrounding areas, but we also offer rodent and pest proofing services, no matter if you are a commercial or domestic customer.

Cluster Flies

At this time of year we always have lots of calls about fly problems. People report that they have flies in the windows and around the outside of the soffits and loft area.

These will often disappear for a few months and then reappear in spring causing the same problems. This pattern then continues year after year! The issue is cluster flies.

Cluster flies, as their name suggests, cluster together during the winter months and hibernate. They often choose our lofts and attic spaces to do this. They use the same hibernation sites year after year, bringing the young back with them and so the cycle continues.

The flies that you see in the windows at around this time of year are attempting to access the house. What often happens is that we get a cold evening, the flies think that it is time to hibernate and therefore enter the property. We then have a warm couple of days, they realise they are too early and then attempt to leave again, often getting trapped behind windows etc. These ‘false starts’ will happen several times during the autumn. The same thing then happens in spring. We have a couple of warm days early on, only for the weather to turn cold again. The flies leave thinking summer has begun, but then attempt to re-enter the house when they realise their mistake.

The flies we see in our windows are only a tiny proportion of the clustering population. They cluster in our lofts in their thousands. At AMS Pest Control, we advise that for complete control, the treatment is carried out during the winter. Treat them too early, or too late and the whole colony will not be in place. The numbers will replenish during the summer breeding and the same problem will be present the next year.

It is so often the case that people leave it until the spring to call us and then have to wait until the following winter for effective treatment.

AMS Pest Control covers all of Coventry and the Midlands so call us to get rid of this perennial problem.

It is also worth mentioning that harlequin ladybirds, an increasing issue in the UK, behave in a very similar manner. They cluster in our lofts in the thousands and can often be found on windows at this time of year. This non-native, invasive species can be treated in a similar way, so get in contact if you require any further information.

Signs that you have a rat problem

Operating our pest control service throughout Coventry and the surrounding areas we have customers in both rural and urban areas. One thing that we often hear is that despite other evidence, the customer is not sure if they have rats because they have never actually seen one.

Rodents are very shy and are mainly nocturnal so the chances of you seeing one are quite slim.

Below are some common signs that you may have a rodent problem.
If you see any of these signs or if you just want peace of mind then call AMS Pest Control for advice.

5 signs that you have a rat problem

  • Noise
  • Droppings
  • Gnawed pipes, wires and rafters
  • Holes next to structures or patios
  • Food going missing


If you hear scurrying, scratching or gnawing in your loft or cavity walls then this is a sure sign that you have a rodent problem. If you are hearing these noises during the night then the issue is rats or mice. If the noises are mainly during the the day then you probably have a squirrel problem. Call us for more information on how to deal with squirrels in your property or have a look at the information on our website.


Rat droppings are about the size of a grain of rice and are often found together in one area. Check your loft and the back of your cupboards for evidence. If you don’t want to venture into the loft yourself then we will be happy to carry out a survey on your property to identify any issues.


All rodents have the constant need to gnaw. Unfortunately for us, once they are in our houses, this means that it is our pipes, wires and rafters that get chewed! This is not just annoying and potentially costly but can also be dangerous.

Burrow Holes

If you see holes in the soil next to sheds, patios and decking then this is a sure sign that you have uninvited guests. As the weather gets colder, your warm house becomes a much more inviting prospect than spending the winter under the shed! AMS Pest Control can rid you of your rodents before they have chance to venture indoors.

Food going missing

We often have customers who were sure they had left something such as a loaf of bread on the worktop when they went to bed, but this morning it is nowhere to be seen! Rodents generally operate at night, food and dried goods being eaten is very common. It can often happen at the back of the cupboard where that packet of rice you had forgotten about is being munched away!