Flying Insects

By their nature, flying insects are well equipped to get into our homes at all levels from lofts to basements. They can be unpleasant, spread disease and give us unpleasant bites, stings and rashes, not to mention sleepless nights!

Frequently asked questions – Flying insects

Will the problem go away on its own?

In short, no. Infestations rarely go away on there own and usually just get worse. With many insects, such as cockroaches, their nocturnal, and elusive nature means that the extent of the issue may not be apparent at first.

How long will it take to get rid of the infestation?

Treatment varies depending on the insect and the type of property or the level of infestation. It’s best to call us and have a chat about your requirements.

Can I purchase insecticide and do it myself?

Domestic type insecticides are generally of low concentration and whilst you may get limited ‘knock down’ effect, the problem will still persist after a couple of days. We have the appropriate chemicals, training and protective equipment to make sure treatments are safe and effective.

Very professional and thorough service.

Very professional and thorough service. I’m a caterer and this regular service enables me to keep my premises legal and protected against vermin, and keeps me compliant with council regulations. I don’t have to worry about it any more! Recommend 100%

Luci Crossman


Excellent, efficient service

Excellent, efficient service. Gave clear information about pricing and after care support before starting and even though no issue was found, was more than happy to give helpful advice for going forwards.

Miss Davies